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08-16-2008 C.C. of the Geass is now available for download!

08-07-2008 After a year of waiting, Petro Productions is premiering a new video tomorrow at Otakon 2008: C.C. of the Geass. Unfortunately this year we didn't make the finals (just my luck that I made a video in the most entered category!), but I'm still happy with how the video turned out.
Those of you on the mailing list already have access to a streaming version of the video. Stay tuned immediately following Otakon for the full release.
02-25-2008 A few updates (none of them mentioning a new AMV, sorry!) First off, I've had a YouTube Channel for a while now, but never got around to mentioning it until now. I don't post my own AMVs (since it's technically against YouTube's TOS), but if YOU'VE posted them, let me know, and I'll add them to my favorites in the channel.

Also, since apparently my contact page has been broken for who-knows-how-long, from now on (at least until I fix the issue, which probably won't be any time soon) you can contact me through the YouTube Channel. Just click the "Send Message" button under "Connect with PetroProductions". Yes, you'll need a YouTube account, but that's easy enough, and most of you already have one anyway. If you don't want to do that, then just use BugMeNot to login.

That's all for now,
07-18-2007 So I finally got around to checking the list of finalists competing at this year's Otakon and to my surprise, I'm a finalist! I'll have to thank my coworker who conviced me to submit Red String (I almost didn't!)

If you're going, I'll see you there this weekend!
07-16-2007 So I'm going to Otakon this year. The last time I went was back when Huntress was in the Finals. I submitted Red String this time, though I'll be surprised if it makes it into the finals this year. Still, feel free to let me know if you're going to be there too, and I'll be happy to find you and say hi. ^_^
04-04-2007 As some of you may have noticed, I now have a NotifyList! Now subscribing to and removing yourself from the mailing list is painless and easy... and doesn't rely on me manually keeping track of the members list and keeping it up to date. The only bad news with this, is that you must REJOIN THE MAILING LIST through the form on the main page or on the updated mailing list page.

As those of you already on the mailing list can attest to, I've completed my latest video, but I'm still in the process of encoding file formats and preparing it for full distribution. I should have that completed by tomorrow. In the meantime, those of you who are on the mailing list got an exclusive premiere of the video sent to you via email late last night! It's a little thanks to the loyal fans who stuck with me during this three year drought - or at least stayed in the mailing list. ^_^

UPDATE (5:30PM EST): The video is now available to everyone! Check it out and let me know what you think!

03-16-2007 Ahh yes. Another year, another post. :-P Thanks to Night Wolf (he used the handle before Mortal Kombat did, so no, not that Night Wolf) for pointing out that amv names were being displayed instead of anime names. I've fixed the code bug, so the display is correct now.

Also, as an amv update, I have 2 amv's in progress: one completed in my head, and another about 50% done in my head. Needless to say, I need to get them out of my head, and onto the screen! I will be starting that this weekend, so expect some results in the next few months. Those of you on my mailing list will be the first to know when I have a real update to discuss.

03-12-2006 AVI and MPG videos are now downloadable in the usual fashion. However, please SAVE the videos before viewing them - it saves my bandwidth, and even if you have a fast internet connection, it'll take a few minutes to download the videos - they're not designed for streaming.

Thanks, and enjoy!
03-11-2006 On another note, I just realized that today is exactly 5 years since I released my first video. Happy birthday Dedicated! Also, I appologize to those of you on the mailing list. My main PC is in stasis, waiting for me to revive it, and until I do, I can't get to the mailing list.

03-11-2006 It's alive! It's alive! Okay, not really, but we did recently get some more storage space on the site, so I've uploaded some high quality versions of the videos. Sorry I haven't updated the site in such a long time. I've been busy with graduate school and other real life stuff. Eventually I'll make a new video. Really! I promise! After all, you guys have been here almost 20,000 times since my last update, and it's just wrong of me to leave you hanging like this. Any requests for videos/songs? I have a few ideas to take off the shelf and dust off (after I finish my master's project thus completing my MS in CS with an AI concentration - could I USE any more 2 letter acronyms?) but if you have something you want to see, let me know!

NOTE: when you download the direct download versions of the .avi and .mpg files, you must change the extensions from .avi.bin to .avi and from .mpg.bin to .mpg. I know this is annoying, but until I figure out what the problem is, .avi and .mpg files won't download from the site. Thanks for your patience. -P
06-15-2005 Congrats to us!! 32K hits!! (Well, 215 hits to be exact.) Why is this a milestone? Because it BROKE THE SITE!!! That's right, you may have noticed a few days ago (I just noticed today) ^^; The code I wrote was designed to read the hit count as an integer - VBScript has 32767 as the max integer, so I had to change it to a long: The next time you guys break it through hits, you get a cookie, and I start selling something on this site! (The Long value will break at 2147483647 hits!)

That's all for now.
06-02-2005 Well, after over a year, I figured I should at least let you know that Petro Productions isn't dead. ^_^
I don't have any new videos yet, but I have a plethora of ideas that I want to try and I finally was able to get the nice folks to fix a certain video entry! I've been working on getting my Masters, so that, and other real life stuff has been taking precident over working on AMVs.

On another note, yes, I know that the videos hosted on Anime Core are down and Anime Core itself is currently offline. No, I don't know why. You can still get the rm versions localy, and you can get at least one other version from the Org.
Upset? Not upset? Just want to say hi? Feel free to contact me!
03-03-2004 I finally got off my lazy rear and updated!
I finished a new video: Kyo Mix
This anime music video features Kyo from Fruits Basket, and how I think he would react to the Meow Mix Theme. But those of you who are on the mailing list already know this. ;-)
11-03-2003 I hope everyone had a good Halloween! I appologize for the issues with video downloads that are currently going on. I'm working with my mirrors, and should have the new video links up soon. In any case, the local links work, as do the real media links, so you can still get to the videos. I've been studying for the GRE and took that Saturday, so now I'll have a little more time to spend on my video projects. I think you'll all like the little bit I'm currently working on! Until then, enjoy the videos I have up.
09-04-2003 Petro Productions is proud to present our latest video: Ganbate Hime!
This anime music video features Juuni Kokki and an in-house remix of The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World.

You may also have noticed the new site location and new site design. I've been working hard to get the site ready, and I've finished enough that I feel it's good to go live. I also realized that I missed the 2nd year aniversary of the website. Happy belated Birthday Petro Productions! I hope you like the new site and the new video! The mailing list has been updated, so feel free to sign up even if you've done so before (I will be contacting everyone on the mailing list soon.) Until then, have fun at the new site!
08-04-2003 Major News! The website is moving! It's now at Update your bookmarks! Also, expect major site redesign soon, and A new video coming out by the end of the month! Until, then, thanks for being patient!

In other news, to access the MPEG versions of the videos hosted at AnimeMusicVideos.Org you need a membership. They don't spam you and just require an email address to send you your password though (they don't spam.) Sorry for the inconvenience. Real Media versions of all the videos will be hosted on the new server soon. Thanks again for your patience.
03-31-2003 Good news! Since I'm in the top 10% videos at They gave me early access to video upload!
To download the videos in MPEG format (or to just see my Profile) click here.
02-06-2003 FYI the MPG videos are down. I plan on updating the site some soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!
11-13-2002 Well, I noticed this week that I goofed in a few places on the website. First, I forgot to activate the links for Shifting Gears. Then I failed to notice that the "" in "X-Driver" was causing downloads to fail. I'm reuploading the files to the server with the change. Feel free to add the accent back in when you download the files.
10-21-2002 The download site is back up. Enjoy the videos!
10-20-2002 Well, so much for the server working well. Though I now have a site that I can use to fxp my videos to FTP servers, I no longer have an HTTP host. If anyone wants to host my videos on an HTTP server or a public FTP server, please email me.
10-20-2002 Video Update!
I updated my first AMV a few weeks ago and gave it a more appropriate name, Dedicated. However, I've been having trouble accessing the download site so the update has been poseponed until now. Updates include a new opening and some cleaner footage (I learned a lot when making Shifting Gears.)
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the update! I've been really busy with college lately, but I hope to get my next video out within a few months. ^_^
08-06-2002 Surprise!
NEW VIDEO RELEASE! Petro Productions is proud to present Shifting Gears. This music video uses footage from the series X-Driver and the song Traffic Jam sung by Da Vinci's Notebook. This is a fast-paced video with lots of action. I'll upload the standard three versions later today, as well as create an profile for the video.
Enjoy! ^_^
07-31-2002 Well, I went to Otakon this past weekend. Huntress didn't win, but I received lots of compliments. Thanks to everyone who I talked to! It was the only Noir video in the contest if you were there. As on person described it, "Chicks with guns." I really enjoyed the con, and I hope to head back there next year. Do you have a favorite con that's located in Virginia, Maryland, or D.C.? Email Me and let me know! Well, that's all for now. I have a few ideas for new videos and I'm debating on which one to do first. So expect a new video from me in 3 months or so. ^_^
07-15-2002 I received some good news via email today. Huntress is on the voting tape in Otakon 2002! ^_^ Last year I entered Dedicated in the contest, but didn't make the voting tape. Hopefully I'll be at Otakon this year, so maybe I'll see you there! ^_^
06-21-2002 HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY To the Petro Productions Website!!! That's right! Today is the first birthday of the site. You'll notice the addition of a new hit counter. I've also added a lot of new back-end updates that are transparent to you (You may have noticed the occasional bug with the site lately.)
Stay tuned for more updates!

In the mean time, if you'd like to get on a mailing list to be notified when new videos are released, please send an email with the subject line "Petro Productions Mailing List" to

06-15-2002 A special thanks to CHaRMa for hosting high quality versions of my music videos! More videos will become available over the next week, as we add them to the server.
06-14-2002 NEW VIDEO RELEASE! Petro Productions is proud to present fullmental.panic! This music video takes footage from the series fullmetal.panic! and the song Stuck In the Middle with You sung by Da Vinci's Notebook. This is my first video with full lip sync, so let me know what you think! ^_^
05-03-2002 I'm headed home soon, so I've taken down my web server. You can still download the low quality versions of my videos, but the high quality versions are offline until August or September (Unless someone wants to host for me ;) If you do, let me know!)
04-29-2002 (Night) Well, I'm heading home for the summer in a week, so I've prepared some Low Quality versions of my videos that are on a permanent server. Please do not use download accelerators or download multiple copies of each video within any given 24 hour period, as having over 650 MB of downloads annoyed my university and got my bandwidth killed - until I realized the problem wasn't on my end and called CNS. Unfortunately, if I notice too many simultaneous connections, I'll have to kill the server a week early. I'm sure you all understand why I need to be careful. ^^ Anyway. end of rant. Thanks again for all of your comments and opinions! I really appreciate them!
01-13-2002 (Night) I'm back at school, so the downloads are available again! Please not the address change, as they switched IPs on me again this semester. Enjoy, and remember to give your opinions! I like to know how people think of my work. ~_^
01-10-2002 (Afternoon) Well, the downloads aren't back up yet, (they will be by next week) but I'm happy to announce that I've won my first Music Video Competition! I received First Place in the 'Soldats 1st Annual Christmas AMV Contest' 2001 for Huntress. I enjoyed making that video, and currently have another project up my sleeves. ~_^
12-19-2001 (Morning) I'm headed home for winter break. Since most of my videos have been hosted on my computer, unfortunately almost all of them won't be available. If anyone wants to host videos for me, please let me know! They should be back up by late January. Sorry for the inconvenience! -Petro
12-03-2001 (Morning) New Video Release! Latest video: Huntress - Anime: Noir - Song: Hunter - Artist: Dido - Enjoy!
09-23-2001 (Evening) I've added DivX4.01 versions (high, medium, and low quality) of both of the remastered videos to the site. I know some of you have had problems with the ftp access, so I've converted my file access to HTTP. All file should be accessible to everyone.
08-29-2001 (Evening) Tonight's a big news night! We're finally up at! That means I'll have to kick my site redesign into high gear.

Another Note, if you do not have a program specifically for ftp downloads, and you're on Internet Explorer, use the indirect links specified. Thank you. -Petro
08-29-2001 (Evening) I have a few surprises for you! I'm at school now, so I have an ftp up on my computer now. Zarxrax isn't hosting my videos anymore since he has low bandwidth now, but I still thank him for his support.
Major Updates:
- Dedicated: Remastered version is now available in high quality!
- Emotion is now available in a 29.97 fps version! There is a noticeable increase in quality (to me anyway!)

For now, these will be the only versions available, along with the low quality original versions of Dedicated.
08-09-2001 (Evening) This is a long update, so bear with me... ^_^
Well, a few major items in today's update.
- First, Prohosting decided to cancel my account, so I've moved my stuff over to another server
(something I've been planing on doing for a while.) The good news is, this server doesn't have
any ad banners!
- Both Emotion and Dedicated were shown at Anime Festival Orlando 2 on 7/29,
and both were received well.
- I'm remastering Dedicated and I've adjusted the frame rate of Emotion for
Anime Week Atlanta. Both updated versions will be available for download at the end of the
month when I get back to school. On a related issue, the files that Zarxrax is hosting for me
will be unavailable for 2 weeks starting tomorrow.
07-06-2001 (Evening) Zarxrax is hosting a high quality version of Dedicated on his ftp now. Get it in the Videos section: Enjoy!
07-06-2001 (Morning) After learning that my download for Emotion was unreachable by some people, I asked Zarxrax to host it for me. He was nice enough to do so, so there is now a mirror (Unzipped) in the Videos section. Enjoy!
06-26-2001 (Evening) Well, though I entered Dedicated in the MindWarp Contest, it didn't win. :-( However, Carlos liked it enough to host it there! As a result, there are now 2 download choices for Dedicated in the Videos section.
06-26-2001 (Morning) Emotion is back up! All fixes are done and final! No more changes to the video! ^_^
06-25-2001 (Morning) I've found one last mistake. I'm going to fix it tonight, and the video should be back up by tomorrow morning at the latest. This is the final change to the video. I promise!
06-24-2001 (Evening) Emotion is back!! I fixed the error, and used a filter to clean up the video a little more enjoy!
06-24-2001 (Morning) Emotion is temporarily unavailable. I noticed a mistake in the video and want to correct it. The fix will be uploaded today and should be available by Monday at the latest.
06-21-2001 (Evening) Welcome to Petro Productions! The site is now live. I still have lots of work to do on it, but it will only get better!
Enjoy! -Petro
P.S. I apologize for the add banners, but it's the price I pay for free 50 MB hosting.

To read more about these videos, go to
Enjoy! And watch for updates!

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